Vincent Kersey

66 Chapin Street, Ludlow, MA 01056

Phone: 413-262-6628


Three Arrow Taxidermy

Vincent Kersey is the owner and licensed taxidermist of Three Arrow Taxidermy. As a member of the National Taxidermy Association and New England Association of Taxidermy, Vincent feels he is held to the highest standard in the industry, so he continually studies the latest taxidermy techniques to bring higher quality mounts to his clients.

Vincent works all aspects of taken fish and game, even exotics and African animals. His turnaround time is normally no more than 8 months depending on the mount, detailing and size. All tanning is top quality by and off site tannery. No dry preserve. Only the best products are used in mounting no short cuts.

Professional Taxidermy Competition

"I entered my first professional competition on a push and shove in 2008, where I placed 3rd. Which captured my interest for that first place next year and then take my talents to the national and world championships level in taxidermy. I am also a member of Safari Club International that promotes hunting, protecting the rights of hunters, education, and wildlife conservation world wide."

Researching Habitats

Vincent enjoys researching habitats to create realistic mounts and is boastful of his talent. He can also custom build habitats in your home or office. In 2008, Vincent traveled to Minnesota to photograph black bear in their natural settings. He also studied white tale mounting by a national champion taxidermist.
Three Arrow Taxidermy Studio - 66 Chapin St., Ludlow, Ma 01056 - Ph. 413-262-6628