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My Trip to Minnesota

My trip to Minnesota was quite a learning experience. I have gained knowledge and new ways of mounting mammals that will be reflected in your trophies. The foundation of a successful mount is in the preparation of the form and hide. I have learned 36 steps for prepping a form to make realistic characteristics eye catching. A detailed form is enhanced with an appropriate prepared and tanned hide. I have learned with finishing techniques to bring any mount back to its natural appearance.

Hands on Experience

I had the opportunity for hands on experience for building my reference library. I was able to photograph some white tails up close, referencing the muscle structures, eye cantering, pupil movement and ears. Things I could have never experienced in a book or video.

Walking outside the studio I was able to befriend two black bears, hand feeding them and observing details of their physique, movements and behavior. That was quite a mind blowing experience.

The Finished Mount

A first class mount is what is expected whether it is your first mount or one of many. You will be putting a mount on the wall that totally reflects what you harvested, from full muscle, neck size, eyes, hair patterns, nose, ear details and much more. I am planning this to be one of many trips to Minnesota.

Thank you to my friends Jim and Vickie for all your teaching, hospitality and use of my free labor tilling the fields. Loved It!

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